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Kathy presenting at SWCOLT in Santa Fe

February 24, 2018

I am honored to have been selected as a presenter at the SWCOLT conference in Santa Fe, to present on the role and importance  foreign language advocacy.

SWCOLT 02-23-18

Although it was snowing when I arrived, a short time later, I was able enjoy walking through beautiful and historic Santa Fe in brilliant sunshine, and I received a warm welcome from the foreign language educators of Southwest COLT and the host, NMOLE.

I attended interesting, informative, and insightful sessions on becoming a more knowledgeable global citizen through language and culture, combining proficiency and achievement when students are at different levels, and French for humanitarian help and global health, as well as the inspirational keynote address and announcement of the SWCOLT Teacher of the Year.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to discuss advocacy and other important issues in foreign language learning with many dedicated foreign language educators.

Special thanks to the SWCOLT organizers for having invited me to participate and congratulations on a wonderful conference.

Languages do matter!




3 Corporate Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language And Why You Should Care

June 13, 2017

“At the pace with which businesses are expanding the world over, this is not the time for you to remain a monolinguist.

With the evolving business landscape, and thinning borders. It would be a huge disadvantage for you as an individual or business-person to be limited to just one language. You’d be doing yourself a whole lot of disservice.

Learning a foreign could be a difficult, and exasperating activity. But the benefits are well worth it.

Besides the ‘growing popularity’ of foreign languages, learning how to speak a foreign language fluently could also open you up to be more accepting of the culture and traditions of others.”

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Languages do matter!